Implementing a modern DMS or ECM system is not a technical challenge.
The highest priority has to be set to meet the individual organisational needs of your company. We support you with analysis, consulting on a high level, programming, training and support.

The building blocks for an efficient and economically DMS / ECM solution are all "Swiss made" or "Made in Germany".
As a Basis, we use ELO = Electronic Leitz folder, the interfaces are from DOKinform®.

We find many DMS requirements in almost every company in similar shape.
Good examples are incoming invoice and contract management processes.
For these we offer preconfigured ready to run solutions. 

References speak a clear language free of marketing involvement.
Read our success stories and benefit from the experience of our customers from different industries implementing their projects.

Company / services



We are a young and innovative company situated in the heart of Switzerland. Our focus is 100% on document management systems (DMS) / enterprise content management systems (ECM).

This focus makes sure we can offer our customers professional consulting services on a high level including not only organisational but also technical and compliance related aspects.

Our goal is to offer you a “one-stop full service” experience.


Our most important strategic partner is ELO Digital Office GmbH in Stuttgart and its Swiss subsidiary.

ELO Digital Office develops one of the world's leading document management systems (DMS) and markets high-performance products, solutions for electronic document management, digital archiving, records management, and workflows. The extensive ELO partner network currently provides technical support for more than 750,000 workstations worldwide. ELO Digital Office has established highly successful strategic partnerships with leading hardware and software vendors such as Microsoft, Fujitsu, IBM and SAP.

As a part of a cross border ECM company group, we can offer additional benefits through our partners in Germany, Romania and Moldavia.

 Since 2019, we have maintained a close partnership with ABACUS AG, one of the leading Swiss software providers. The first result of this cooperation is a modern ABACUS-ELO connection based on the DMS-Connector.

We also have strong relations to technology and market leading companies (like Microsoft, SAP, IBM) and specialized consultants.

Consulting, analysis, conceptual work

Implementing a modern document management (DMS) or enterprise content management (ECM) system gives a company many new challenges.

For a successful implementation, there are technical and organizational steps to be considered. Only this way the system will be able to support your business process in the best way.

Based on a workshop together we analyse the (current) status and define the requirements. Individual solutions will be documented in detail in a concept paper.

Out organizational and technical consultancy is by default vendor independent. This way you can compare different software solutions.

Software update and maintenance

Implementing a DMS/ECM system is a decision of huge and long-term importance.

To assure smooth operation over many years and give you a good return on investment a maintenance and update service is necessary. Based on this contract we give you updates (patches, bugfixing, service packs, etc.) accompanied by a service hotline for registration and handling of technical problems with the vendor hotlines. An overview of included services is listed in the information brochure.

Additional services (installation of updates, trainings, etc.) are part of our portfolio and can be ordered at any time.

Project implementation

Based on the agreed concept we implement the DMS/ECM system based on ELO and DOKinform® products in your company.

During our work, we install server and client applications and customize the system for your individual needs. Existing applications (ERP, PPS, CRM, email, etc. ) will be integrated based on standard interfaces.

If needed, we will develop new interfaces for integration of individual software applications.

Training / Support

All training measures will be performed using the individually customized system with real life documents and business cases. This way we can achieve the best training result and give you the best value from your new DMS/ECM system.

For system administrators we offer an additional training. They will be enabled to do the first level support service on site.

Our support services do not stop with going live. Our hotline is directly available and you can speak immediately with a skilled consultant or programmer.

Through individual service level agreements, we can offer you state of the art response or even recovery time after any kind of technical incidents.


Field proven and preconfigured solutions help you to start right away.

more (DE)...

The requirements for an Enterprise Content Management solution differ from company to company. No problem for ELO, because our solutions adapt individually to your needs.


DOKinform® WEBconnect offers a transparent and easy-to-use universal interface for connecting any third-party system to ELO. 


With business software for enterprise content management (ECM), you can digitize your business processes and all information management in your company.



Electronic records management

Business documents like offers, orders and invoice must be stored according to legal compliance rules. This also applies to emails.
There are some good best practice rules and templates available to fulfil these requirements.

Electronic HR records

The digital HR records (also electronic HR records) is a software for the management of electronic documents from the personal file. Among other things, the software is also suitable for electronically managing non-employee-related documents such as, for example, form and correspondence templates. In addition, release processes for employee applications can be simplified, skills managed, evaluations and reports generated.

ELO Business Solutions

Different companies have different requirements when it comes to enterprise content management solutions. Whatever your needs, ELO has a tailored ECM solution that supports all your business processes. ELO offers a broadly diversified portfolio of solutions for invoice management, mobile working, ERP integration, solutions designed for specific application such as in legal departments, and much more.


ERP-ECM Integration

In many companies, the ERP system is the main program for planning resources. 
But DMS-systems become more and more important and deliver an indispensable support. 
Besides these, there are also other systems like CRM, helpdesk, PPS, email….

If we manage to integrate all these systems, we will be able to get the maximum benefit.

DOKinform WEBconnect for ELO

DOKinform WEBconnect offers a transparent and easy-to-use universal interface for connecting any third-party systems to ELO. In addition to local (on premise) installations, any combination of public/private cloud and hybrid infrastructures are equally supported.

Intelligent archiving and retrieval

Quality and ease of use are key factors for good user acceptance of an electronic archiving and DMS/ECM solution. Using standardized software we support all users to find their documents directly from their favourite application (ERP, email, web browser, …).

Contract management

Contractual agreements are the baseline for all business decisions and thus are of very high importance for all size of companies.

Based on ELO we offer you a reliable solution with a large set of features for managing your contracts.